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Satchel is a modern open-source alternative to Roblox's default backpack. Satchel aims to be more customizable and easier to use than the default backpack while still having a "vanilla" feel.
A beautifully designed fluent design auto clicker for Windows 10 & 11. Made with WinUI 3 & Windows App SDK
Shime allows you to easily create a shimmer effect on any GuiObject on Roblox. Shime is easy to use and supports all available GuiObjects.
Easily edit websites temporarily by a click of a button.
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The official repository of Signs, the Roblox Studio Plugin. Signs is a Roblox Studio plugin that helps users create TextLabels for their projects quickly and safely. Simple to use UI and lots of options for customization.
Rojo template for basic showcases which include scripts and common utilities.