Ryan Luu

Learning student and open-source developer

My Work

Repositories I've built

💼 Satchel is a modern open-source alternative to Roblox's default backpack. Satchel aims to be more customizable and easier to use than the default backpack while still having a "vanilla" feel.
🖱️ A beautifully designed fluent design auto clicker for Windows 10 & 11.
✨ Shime allows you to easily create a shimmer effect on any GuiObject on Roblox. Shime is easy to use and supports all available GuiObjects.
🪧 The official repository of Signs, the Roblox Studio Plugin. Signs is a Roblox Studio plugin that helps users create TextLabels for their projects quickly and safely. Simple to use UI and lots of options for customization.
✏️ Easily edit websites temporarily by a click of a button.
JavaScript 2 0
🖼️ Rojo template for basic showcases which include scripts and common utilities.